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Chairman of China Port & Harbor Association LU Hai-hu - Speech at PorTech Asia 2007

(9:00 AM, October 24 th , 2007, Sheraton Shanghai Hotel, PuDong)

Dear horned former chairman of International Association of Ports and Harbors, Mr. Peter Steruijs :

Honored Director of Department of International Cooperation, Ministry of Transportation, JU Cheng-zhi :
Honored Deputy Director of Department of Water Transportation, Ministry of Communications Mr. ZOU Bin:

And dear honored guests, ladies and gentlemen:

Good morning!

Today, in the golden autumn of Shanghai , by the beautiful HuangPu River , PorTech Asia 2007 is officially opened! more than 200 people have attend this meeting including leaders from China's Ministry of Transportation , leaders from International Association of Ports and Harbors and domestic and international experts and friends from the port industry. Here, please allow me, on behalf of China Ports Association and the "Chinese ports" magazine as one of the main organizers, to express a warm welcome to the arrival of the all distinguished guests!

In today's world, science and technology are experiencing rapid development. Technology has become the leading force of promoting global economic and social development. Under the promotion of modern science and technologies particularly the information technologies, global economy is undergoing a new wave of development. Strengthening cooperation between countries, frequent international contacts between global enterprises and rapid expansion of international trade have brought new opportunities to the development of world ports. At the same time, the rapid development of science and technology has provided a favorable support for the development of ports of all countries. We can see that in the 21st century, the port construction of all countries will progress by leaps and bounds and the port development will change with each passing day .

Port is an important logistics node and an important link in international trade. The port development level of a country has an important impact on the development of its foreign trade. The port industry is a capital-intensive and technology-intensive industry and port development requires a large amount of capital input and advanced scientific technologies. In today's advocating of sustainable development, development of ports relies more on scientific and technological progress and " Rejuvenating the port through science and technology" has become a global port consensus.

In recent years, relying on advanced science and technologies, global port has achieved a series of revolutionary changes in the development process and have gradually realized the modernization of port transport mode, port handling process rationalization, port handling equipment automation and informationlization of port management so that the efficiency of port production has been greatly improved. Port as a node of global integrated transportation network, has been continuously expanding its functions and is aiming towards the direction of modern logistics with the provision a full range of value-added services.

China 's port, as an important component of the Asia-Pacific port, has attracted the whole world's attentions with its development. In the past year, China 's port construction and development has yielded many fruitful results: in 2006 China 's coastal and river port construction investment was 86.918 billion Yuan with increased 18.041 billion Yuan than the previous year and an increase ratio of 26.2%. New coastal port throughput capacity increased 36,148 million tons. River ports additional throughput capacity reached 7,870 million tons and new and improved mileage of inland waterway was 383 km . The cargo throughput and container throughput of China's port has been ranked first in the world for four consecutive years and the Yangtze River Link and Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal became the world's largest shipping traffic rivers and canals. In 2006, the total cargo throughput of China 's port completed 5.6 billion tons, with an increase ratio of 14.8%, within which 1.614 billion tons was foreign trade cargo throughput with an increase ratio of 18.1%. the cargo throughput of Shanghai port reached 4.7 billion tons and continued to maintain the first in the world; Port of RiZhao and port of NanTong have entered the ranks of the a- Hundred-Million-Ton thus China has now 13 a - Hundred-Million-Ton ports, of which throughput of more than 200 million tons have increase from four in 2005 to seven. Container's throughput also continues to maintain rapid growth, in 2006 the port completed 93.61 million TEU container throughputs with an increase of 23.8%, of which 14 port containers' throughput exceeded more than 1 million TEU.

China 's port industry has made tremendous achievements and one of the important reasons is that scientific and technological progress played a pivotal role in the construction of the ports. The Chinese government has always attached importance to the development of ports, especially the continuous enhancement of scientific and technological level. For a long time, China 's ports adherence to the "sustainable development" strategy, relying on scientific and technological progress to promote port development and constantly increasing the scientific input in the port. Under the joint efforts of all levels of government, scientific research institutions, universities and the port enterprise groups, research conditions of port industry have continuously improved with the port innovation capability continuing to increase. Meanwhile a large number of breakthroughs have been made in the critical technologies of port construction, manufacturing operations and organizational management. At present, China 's technology for port building, port facilities and equipment, load-unload efficiency have all reached the world leading level. Under the guidance of development strategy of ?Rejuvenating the port through science and technology? the contribution level of science and technology for the port development has been continuously improving and providing a strong support for the rapid development of national economy and foreign trade.


(October 24,2007)

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