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Give full play to the port advantages and actively develop the logistics industry

Dear honored friends, ladies and gentlemen:

It is a great honor to be invited by the organizing committee to participate in this PorTech Asia summit and to exchange development trend and strategic thinking of port industry with friends and colleagues from all sectors. Here I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere greetings to friends from various industries and invite all of you to the SIPG Logistics to give guidance at any time.

The logistics industry is an emerging industry with a very rapid development momentum and is in full swing. According to the statistics, China 's registered logistics company has exceeded 18,000. In accordance with the different background of resources, logistics companies can be roughly divided into several categories: logistics relying on the development of shipping companies, logistics relying on foreign trade or the development of owner units, logistics relying on the development of air or rail, logistics relying on the development of warehousing or container truck convoy and express logistics relying on the development of network.

Port logistics refers to central port cities using their own port advantages, based on advanced hardware and software environment, strengthen its radiation to logistics activities of surrounding areas in order to give prominence to port cargo gathering, inventory and cargo distribution advantages. Based on port-related industries with information technology as the support and set optimization of port resources integration as the goal to develop a port comprehensive service system covering all aspects of the characteristics of logistics industry chain. Port Logistics is a special form of integrated logistics system and, as an irreplaceable important node in the process of logistics, completes basic logistics services and derived value-added services in the whole supply chain logistics system.

Currently, the development of port logistics has evolved from the original simple port internal services(including highway, identification, transit and other services) and port infrastructure services (including the establishment of logistics park based on the geographical location of port, container yard, providing warehousing, container-washing and other services) to modern integrated logistics services. That is, to build the concept of big logistics, relying on port to construct allocation center, distribution center, circulation processing center, etc., providing container storage, handling, packaging, transportation, processing, distribution, loading/unloading, information processing and a series of value-added services to enabled the port become the backbone of connecting land hinterland and sea hinterland and complete partial value-added logistics services at hub and ensure that the goods are to be delivered to the next level of distribution center or the end user in the most economical, efficient, accurate and safe manner. Therefore, the provision of comprehensive and efficient logistics services is the major development trend of port logistics and an important factor for modern ports to build international competitiveness.

(November 12,2007)

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