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Container Security Inspection Solution for Ports

As container is the main transportation tool for international trade, its security has attracted more and more attention from governments of different countries. Fast and effective inspection for containers is required by both supervising departments and clients.

As a famous international provider for container inspection systems and security solutions, NUCTECH has more than 10 years R&D experience in this field and its market covers more than 60 countries and regions, sharing more than 50 ?of the container inspection market.

NUCTECH has successfully developed a total solution for 100% inspection of containers, which includes 3-level inspection. In the first level, all the traction trailers with containers are driven through the Fast-Scan inspection system at the speed of 15km/h . After image inspection, approx more than 95% containers will be judged to be clean and the other 5% suspicious containers will be sent to the next inspection level. In the second level, the containers will be inspected by a newest inspection system with the most advanced fused technology. It can discriminate the organic and inorganic material in the container effectively, helping the operator to identify various contrabands, such as explosives, drugs and so on more easily. This system can also distinguish the overlapped objects in the container. By sophisticated algorithm, it can de-shield the overlapping objects in the containers, helping the operator to find contrabands in overlapped objects. In the third level, approx. 0.1%~0.5% containers will be inspected manually. NUCTECH will provide a set of equipments for detail inspection.

In this conference, NUCTECH will present you the 100% container inspection solution for ports.

(November 12,2007)

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