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Prime Minister Wen Jiabao Visiting Shanghai Yangshan Terminal

Prime Minister Wen Jiabao, visited Shanghai Yangshan Deepwater Terminal on July 5 under the hot whether conditions, accompanied by the General-Secretary Yu Zhengsheng and Mayor Han Zheng of Shanghai Municipal Government, along with President Lu Haihu and Vice-President Chen Shuyuan of Shanghai International Port Group.

On July 5, the air temperature climbed to 38.8 degree in Shanghai in the afternoon. A team led by Prime Minister Wen Jiabao came to Shengdong Terminal of Shanghai Yangshan Deepwater Port Area. He listened carefully to the reports on operations, management, construction of Shanghai International Port Group (SIPG) and Shanghai Yangshan Deepwater Terminal made by Lu haihu and Chen Shuyuan. Wen Jiabao spoke highly of the contribution made by the SIPG to the shipping service at home and international, aiding the earthquake-hit areas in Sichuan province and tailoring the first-class port in the world.

Prime Minister also joined the working team and encouraged the driver of the container loading\unloading time record-broken twice. Wen Jiabao stressed that the construction of Yanshan Terminal is a sign of the shipping center in Shanghai . The workers in the port are the erectors and exploiters, who can receive modern concept of management, operation, logistics and service. Currently, the port services Shanghai and Yangtze River Areas, even the whole country. It will be a first-class international port with multifunction near future.

Finally, Prime Minister Wen Jiabao put on a safety helmet from a worker, came near to the operation scene of the vessel "COSCO American" to watch the container crane working efficiently.

(November 12,2007)

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