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Cargo Handling

In 2006, a total cargo throughput reached 176 million tons, 14.63% more than 2005, including foreign trade cargo volume of 127 million tons, a 19.42 % increase, and container throughput of 18.4703 million TEU, up 14.04% over the year before.

Port of Shenzhen mainly handles containers, dry bulk cargo, general cargo, liquid chemical products. In 2006, it handled 125 million tons of containers, accounting for 71.18% of the port’s total, 39.54 million tons of dry bulk and general cargo, 22.47% of the total, 11.17 million tons of oil and liquid chemical products, 6.35% of the total. Port of Shenzhen has developed into the largest gateway port in South China for handling grain, iron ore and liquid chemical products.

(October 06,2008)

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