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Brief Introduction of the Fangcheng Port

Located at the northern bank of Beibu Gulf, southern part of Guangxi, Fangcheng Port is a fine, deepwater harbor at the furthest southwestern end of the coastline on China mainland, is one of 12 hub ports of China.

Fangcheng Port enjoys exceptional advantages on geographical position and situation deepwater and wind-sheltered. Surrounded on three sides by mountains, it looks like an inland lake with long and utilizable coastline. The channel of the port is short with little siltation, broad water and land area. Close to Guizhou, Sichuan, Yunnan, Guangdong, Hainan, Hong Kong Macau and Beibu Bay, Fangcheng Port is serving as a center of the Southwest china around in natural resources and the Southeast Asia brisk in economy. With its continuous advances, Fangcheng Port has become a  hub to connect Southwest china and Southeast Asia.

Fangcheng Port now has 35 berths, of which 21 can accommodate vessels more than 10,000dwt and maximum design berthing capacity is 200,000dwt, with an annual throughput capacity of 30.0 million tons. The dedicated container berth handling capacity is 200,000 TEU annually.

With sustainable and fast development during past years, Fangcheng Port steadily extends its business and output capacity with improvement of handling efficiency and service quality year by year step by step. With achieving 5.0 million tons in 1996, throughput growth of the Port has maintained at a fast level and in 2005 20.06million tons was achieved. Now Fangcheng Port Group Co., Ltd has become a large modernized group enterprise engaging in cargo loading and unloading, storage, freight agency, passenger transportation, navigation pilot, tally, remote road traffic, goods distribution, port machinery leasing and repairing, water and bunker supplying, port infrastructure construction, and real restate development, etc.

With the implementation of the state strategy for greatly developing the West and the expected foundation of Sino-ASEAN free trade zones, Fangcheng Port is up against an unprecedented developing opportunity. Fangcheng Port will further speed up its construction and development, striding forwards a modernized international port. Fangcheng Port Group Co. Ltd. wishes and welcomes all sincere cooperation with internal and external companies and traders to create a better future mutually.

Expansion Plan

In 2006, complete the construction of the dedicated mineral ore terminal at 200,000dwt and counterpart navigation channel, and the construction of berths No. 13-17 at 50,000-70,000dwt and one oil and LPG berth at 50,000 dwt. Continually during the Eleventh Five Plan period construct berths No. 18-22 at 70,000-150,000dwt to make handling capacity at the port exceed 60 million tons.

Address: Youyi Avenue 22, Fangcheng, Guangxi, China.

Post Code: 538001

Tel: 0770-2892113

Fax: 07702822663

(November 16,2010)

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