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The Brief Introduction of Jiujiang Port

Jiujiang Port is located in the “golden waterway” -Yangtze River, east facing Lushang Mountain that is beautiful scenery in Jiangxi Province and Ganjiang River, Xiu River and Fu River also meeting together in the Port. Jiujiang Port is the only one port which is open to foreign countries in Jiangxi province and reaches the first level in China, it is also a very important international port in the middle of Yangtze River, and it is one of the five main center ports of hinterland rivers in Yangtze River and it is a very important port of hinterland river in china. Jiujiang Port was allowed to be open to foreign countries in 1980, and was allowed to be open to foreign ships to in and out the port in 1991.Jiujiang Port has good conditions for transportation between highway and waterway, and it has priories geographical conditions, it can join the south and the north, and also can join the east and the west. The ships about 5,000 tons can ship through it all year. Jiujiang Port has all kinds of highway and railway which can get anywhere if you want to go. Jiujiang port is the center of interflow of commodities by shipping for Jiangxi, Anhui, Hunan, Hubei.

Jiujiang Port has a long water front of Yangtze River which is about 152 kilometers. The main tasks of the Jiujiang Port are: interflowing of commodities by ships, loading and unloading goods, tallying goods, serving ships, serving freight transport, transports by lighter, taking charge of the engineering projects of the port, keeping in storehouse and processes, traveling , passenger transportation, joining the waterway and highway for transport and so on. Now, JiuJiang Port has 16 berths in port city, among which there are 7 deep water berths that can serve ships about 5,000 tons, including 4 berths for passenger ships. The surface area for goods yard is about 319,000 square meters, water front is 2,190 meters. Jiujiang Port owns different types of machines for loading and unloading over 200 platforms, the gantry cranes can lift greatest goods about 40 tons, and Jiujiang port keep the water deep about 6 meters all year round. The main goods are: coal, ore, steel products, bulk cargos and so on.

Now, there are 27 shipping companies in Jiujiang Port, Maersk, China Ocean Shipping (Group) Company, Zhahua Iron Company and so on. They are engaged in international shipping containers in JiuJiang Port. JiuJiang Port has established the shipping line to Japan, Korea, North Korea, and also to European Countries, the United States, and the Mediterranean regions. Now ships carry international shipping containers through Yangtze River for 30 times every month. The handling capacity of Jiujiang Port is about 15,000,000 tons; the handling capacity of shipping containers is about 100,000 TEU.

(November 16,2010)

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