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Located in the east of Hebei Province, to the west of Bohai Sea, Port of Qinhuangdao holds the strategic pass of the east of the economic zone of Beijing, Tianjin and Tangshan and connects the two economic zones of North China and Northeast China.  It enjoys advantages of broad harbor area and deep water, mild wind and moderate waves, ice-free and silt-free as well as temperate climate.


Total assets of the port are 15.2 billion yuan. Allocated with 45 operation berths and 42 of them are over 10,000dwt, the port annual throughput is 220 million tons.


Port of Qinhuangdao is Chinese main pivot port transporting coal from north to south. 21 dedicated coal berths realize a designed capacity of 200 million tons, meeting the demands of unloading 20,000 tons length train and berthing 150,000dwt coal ships. The world largest coal stack yard, occupying 2.05 million m2, has a capacity of 8.525million tons.


Both phase 5 coal terminal and the extension project of phase 4 coal terminal are affiliated systems of Datong-Qinhuangdao Railway renovation project. Phase 5 coal terminal has 4 berths, two 50,000dwt, one 100,000dwt and one 150,000dwt. The quay length is 1187m. It boasts to be Chinese largest coal terminal with most advanced technology.


18 among the 20 general cargo berths are over 10,000dwt, berthing the max vessel size of 100,000dwt. Staple cargo and special cargo such as mineral, grain, fertilizer and cement can be handled here. Annual capacity is 14.8 million tons.


There are 3 container berths in the port producing an annual capacity of 600,000TEU. Owning 360,000m2 container stack yard, with 6 shipping lines opened, 5th generation container ship can be berthed here.


Port of Qinhuangdao boasts Chinese first pipeline transportation oil terminal. Among the four oil berths, two are 20,000dwt, one is 50,000dwt and another one is 3000dwt for finished oil products. Designed annual capacity is 15.4 million tons with 27 tanks whose capacity is 281,000 m3. Import and export of ocean oil, aircraft kerosene, fuel, heavy oil, phosphate and carbinol can be carried out and main operation company is No. 1 Branch Company.


Qinhuangdao Port Group Co., Ltd.


Add: 35 Haibin Road, Qinhuangdao, Hebei Province, China

Zip: 066002

Website: www.portqhd.com

Tel:0335-3093122 3093022


(November 16,2010)

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