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Quanzhou Port Profile

Port of Quanzhou is located in the middle coastal part of Fujian Province with 427km coastal line, 67.4km planned port line (43.1km deepwater coastal line) and 12km operational port line (including the under constructing part). The Port boasts four port areas (South of Meizhou Bay, Quanzhou Bay, Shenlu Bay and Weitou Bay), 14 operational areas, 50 berths including 6 containers berths. In 2005, Port of Quanzhou saw a completion of 404.6 million tons of total throughout including 6.315 million tons of container throughout, which was listed the eighth national coastal ports and the thirteenth national container transportation. Houzhu Port, part of the Quanzhou Port Area, has explored three container navigational channels in a whole, which are Quanzhou Port to Taiwan, Busan, Hongkong also developed some national trade container navigational channels along China’ coastal ports such as Quanzhou Port to Tianjin, Qinghai, Shanghai, Ningbo, Haikou and Shantou. Shihu Port, one of the Quanzhou Port, sited the navigational channels of Quanzhou to Kanto (Centre of Japan). Meanwhile, Weitou Port features the national navigational channels of Quanzhou to Dalian, Yingkou, Shanghai, LIanyugang, Fuzhou, Qingdao, Shantou and Dahuanpu as well.

  Port of Quanzhou has a splendid future with its hinterland developed economy, rich coastal recourse, advanced port superiorities, high efficiency of vessels in and out port, idea environment of the Custom working procedures, enough capital of constructing ports.   


Add. Guangwu Building, North of New Bridge, Quanzhou, Fujian Province, P.R.C.

P. C.: 362000

Tel: 0595-22582725

Fax: 0595-22585527


(November 16,2010)

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