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Yingkou Port China

Yingkou port has been opened up to outside world for 145 years. After hundreds of years, great change has taken place in China, and Yingkou port also has become a hub port which leads the 10th place among the seaport of China from a small port of low level in China. It has two port area now, Yingkou old port area and Bayuquan new port area, and has 35 berths. In 2005, it reached the handling volume of 75,370,000 tons, container of 787,000 TEU. In 2006, it will reach the handling volume of 95,000,000 tons, container of 1,000,000 TEU. By the end of July this year, it has reached the handling volume of 56,620,000 tons, container of 589,000 TEU, which increase 28.5% and 27.8% than the same period of last year. It will reach the handling volume of 100,000,000 tons in 2007.

After entering into the 21st century, Yingkou port speeds up its construction and development. “The 10th five years” projects in Bayuquan port area such as the third phrase projects; channel reconstruction, silo construction, final oil and liquid chemical product docks and other projects, have been finished. Besides the special docks for coal and automobile, we have already finished the construction of the special docks for container, grain, bulk cargoes and final oil and liquid chemical products. Among these docks, there is 400,000-tonnage silo on the dock for grain; the 100,000-tonnage dock for final oil and liquid chemical product, where the largest sized final oil ships can berth.

It makes Yingkou port is the channel on the sea for revitalizing the old industrial bases in Northeast China that Yingkou port has advantage in location, which is the nearest seaport for Northeast China and Inner Mongolia. The cargoes volume through Yingkou Port from Northeast area increase year by year. At present, the handling volume of ore imported through Yingkou port is 50% of total amount in northeast area; exported steel is 65%; exported non-mental products is almost 90%; and the fertilizer is over 95% of the total amount of northeast area. The handling volume of grain alcohol exported through Yingkou port will be near 400,000 tons this year, it will make Yingkou port is one of the largest ports for exported grain alcohol.

At present, the construction of “the 11th five years” projects in Yingkou port has begun, the construction of 3 berths of the 4th phrase project will be finished by the end of August this year, among them one has already been put into use; 4 berths will be finished in the year 2007; 3 berths will be finished in the year 2008, so at that time all the ten berths of the 4th phrase project will be put into use. The modification work for 150,000-tonnage deep-water channel will be finished by the end of June 2007. In the year 2007, the container handling capacity of Yingkou port will be over 5,000,000TEU/year.

The establishment of all kinds of facilities, such as a logistics area of 2 million square meters, bonded store house of 300, 000 square meters, the most advanced container management system, and modern port information platform, shall make Yingkou port act as the seaport for the cities in the middle of Liaoning better, and the most convenient bridge between these cities and outside world.


(November 16,2010)

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