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Port of Zhanjiang

—―A Good Deepwater Seaport in South China


The port of Zhanjiang is located at the western part of Guangdong province. It occupies a central position connecting the South and North hemispheres, the Pacific and Indian oceans. The port offers the shortest shipping routes to Southeast Asia, Africa, Europe and the Atlantic Ocean. The Port opens navigation with more than 100 nations and regions in the world and its annual capacity surpasses 60 million tons.


The port of Zhanjiang is the first modern seaport designed and constructed by Chinese people after the founding of the People's Republic of China. After 50 years of construction and development, the Port has now got 37 productive berths, among which there are 26 berths for vessels of over 10,000 DWT. The Port also possesses China’s largest-scale coastal oil terminal, Southern China’s biggest iron ore terminal and deepest navigation channel. 300,000 DWT vessels can enter and leave the Port by taking the tide. With advanced facilities, comprehensive functions and rational structure, the Port of Zhanjiang has been developed into the premier foreign trade port for West and South China and one of the nation’s pivotal seaports along the coast.


In the next five years, the port of Zhanjiang will continuously carry out large-scale technical innovation and build a new port district at Baoman. The Port will be developed into a modern international port with energy, raw materials and container transportations as its main business, and with flourishing close-to-port industries.


Addres: Youyi Road 1, Zhanjian City, Guangdong, China

P.C.: 524027

Tel: 0759-2255920

Fax: 0759-2280814

(November 16,2010)

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