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Zhangjiagang Port Group Co., Ltd.

   The Zhangjiagang Port was built in 1968, as martial port and integrant port of Shanghai Harbor initially. Zhangjiagang Port is like a bright pearl glittering at the lower reaches of Yangtze River, Which is located in the center of economic hinterland of Yangtze River Delta and the international well-known city of Zhangjiagang. To the east, it is Zhangjiagang Free Trade Zone which is the only inland free trade zone along river and Su Tong Bridge which is being built. To the south, it is connected with Hu Ning Express Way and Yanjiang Express Way. To the west, it is near Jing Hu Express Way, Xin-Chang Railway and Jiangyin Yangtze River Bridge. To the north, it is the deep water channel of Yangtze River and Shuangshan Island which is the nature shelter for wave and wind. There is a predominance of convenient navigation between river and sea, unique advantage of resource of river bank. Through this Golden Waterway of Yangtze River, it can arrive at each city along Yangtze River upriver and arrive at every port of the entire world downriver.

Now there are 14 10,000 tonnage berths, 12 buoys on river, 16 berths of Lakeport, more than 300 professionally loading and discharging facilities such as conveying equipments, cranes with maximum capacity of 40 MT, more than 780,000 square meters of open yards and warehouses, 32 chemical storage tanks of 70,000 cubic meters, 18 ships for port working. It can berth 26 10,000 tonnage ships at the same time; the annual throughput exceeds 40 million metric tons.

There are professional terminals for containers, chemicals, bulk cargo and general cargo. The port has freight business with over 40 countries and over 140 ports, engaged in loading, discharging, storage, transiting, transportation, tally, agency, trading, towing ships, provisions supplying, supervising port building, fixing and repairing equipments, port services, information, charter party and so on.

The development policy for the port is terminals in the front, markets in the middle, factories behind, results 6 main kinds of handling cargo: containers, round logs, steel, coal, core (powder), and chemicals. There into, the annual importing log exceeds one million cubic meters; it is the biggest market for importing logs by ship in China.   

The newly formed Zhangjiagang Port Group Co., Ltd., inherited the strong developing advantage of Zhangjiagang Port, is aggregating unexhausting impetuses of reforming and creation. With the managing system creation, it has insisted the development strategy of diversifying investment methods, specializing in port operation, and maximizing capital operation.  The operation guidelines of the group is basing on loading and unloading, expanding cargo transportation market, full-using the port function of logistics, and increasing the core function of port. Guided by command of market, seeking for the purpose of customers’ satisfaction, the managing theory of the group is to seek efficiency for cargo owners, seek income for shareholders and seek benefit for employees. With the target to be a first-class port along Yangtze River, which has comprehensive developments, multi-functional constructions, all-round services and collectivized management, Zhangjiagang Port Group Co., Ltd. is trying to make a big market, attract great cargo owners, seek for a strong union, activate the circulation, and strengthen this great group.  


(November 16,2010)

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