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Tianjin, the World Class Artificial Deepwater Port
During the‘Eleventh –Five- Year’(2006-2010) , Port of Tianjin experienced the fastest comprehensive economy strength and improved the powerful position in China and in the world in terms of cargo throughput of 1.7 billion tons, twice compared with the ‘Tenth-Five- Year’(2000-2005),container volume of 40.26 million TEU, 2.5 times compared with the ‘Tenth-Five-Year’. It ranked the fifth position in the world ports. 
Port of Tianjin is an artificial port. In the past five years, a total investment on the infrastructure construction was more than 55billlion RMB. The main channel expanded from 150,000 tons to 250,000 tons, terminal class is from 150,000 DWT to 300,000DWT, land covers from 47 Sq meters in 2005 to 107 Sq meters by the end of 2010, and the quay line added to 28km.
Port of Tianjin completed the total cargo throughput increased 5.6% at the same period last year to 334 million tons from January to October. It is expected that Port of Tianjin will handle more than 400 million tons of cargo, up 5.3% compared with the ‘Eleventh-Five-Year’ Plan of 380 million tons, container volume will complete 10 million TEU.

(November 17,2010)

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