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Chongqing Port Became the Major Transshipment Point on the Upstream of the Yangtze River
Located further upstream than any other significant port on the Yangtze, Chongqing enjoys a huge catchment area and is today the major transshipment point for outgoing foreign originating in southwest China. Its emergence has been both recent and rapid.
This rapid build-up has been mainly achieved as a result of government policy. It is dominated in the national blueprint for container shipping along the Yangtze as one of three major traffic hubs.
Wuhan Port Development the Feeder Services
Sitting on the middle reaches of the Yangtze, Wuhan is China’s second largest inland port, after Nanjing. Located at a strategically important point on the country’s rail, road and river networks, the city has long been know as the “crossroad of China”. It is home to the Changjiang Shipping Group, the mainland’s biggest inland river shipping enterprise.
In recent years, feeder services to Wuhan from surrounding ports such as Yichang, JIngzhou and Huangshi have increased rapidly, and now constitute more than 50 percent of the city’s container traffic.

(November 30,2010)

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