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Wilhelmshaven, the only deepwater port in Germany

Wilhelmshaven is the third largest port in Germany, the largest oil port and the only deep-water container port in Germany. The port is located at the Jade Bay on the North Sea coast in northwest Germany. To the east it is about 100 km apart from the port of Hamburg and to the west 300 km from the port of Rotterdam. In 1991, port of Wilhelmshaven entered into a partnership agreement with port of Qingdao.

The early history of the port can be traced back to the 50's of 19th Century. Prussia established a naval base here at that time. Since the mid 20th Century, the civilian functions of the port increased gradually. It has become a major port for crude oil, coal, chemical products.

To diversify the functions of the port, Wilhelmshavener Hafenwirtschafts-Vereinigung (Wilhelmshaven Port Business Association) initiated to build a deepwater container port in Wilhelmshaven in 1993. After several years of studies the JadeWeserPort realisation company was established in 2003 to implement this project. In 2006, the Bremen-based port operator EUROGATE was award the contract to operate this terminal. The commissioning of the terminal is set to August 2012.

EUROGATE Container Terminal Wilhelmshaven (CTW) has a water depth of 18 meters and a shipping approach of 23 nautical miles from the open sea. The planned handling capacity is 2.7 million TEU and the total terminal area is 130 ha. The 1725 meter long quay has four berths. Given the fact that most leading shipping companies have ordered 10000+ TEU container ships, the terminal is especially equipped with gantry cranes with a 78 m long beam, to accommodate ships of up to 25 container rows. A cold store and a 160-hectare logistics park are within close proximity to settle producing, storage and freight forwarding companies. EUROGATE CTW is connected to the European hinterland by highway and rail network. It is also ideally linked with the ports in Scandinavia, the Baltic area and Russia by a dense feeder network.

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