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CMHI Western Shenzhen Terminals (CCT/SCT) Received five Awards

March 27th-28th 2014, China Ports Association Container Branch Board Meeting and forum themed of "reform and innovation, transformation and development" were successfully held in Wuhan, when the list of 2012-2013 terminal awards was announced. Chiwan Container Terminal (CCT) and Shekou Container Terminals (SCT) respectively were honored ‘Throughput exceeding 5 Million Award’ and ‘Throughput exceeding 4 Million Award’. Besides, in terms of volume of international transshipment and feeder transport, CCT and SCT received ‘Outstanding International Transshipment Performance Award’ and ‘Outstanding Feeder Performance Award’ on absolute leading edge. CMHI Western Shenzhen Terminals (CCT/SCT) totally received five awards.

The award event is organized by China Ports Association, annually attracting over 100 companies to participate in and provides an in-depth exchange platform for China port practitioners. Since 2003, CCT/SCT have received the honor for 10 consecutive years, which means CCT / SCT not only hold an important position in Shenzhen Port, but also have a great influence in china Port industry.   

(April 04,2014)

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