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How it Works

a. CPHA Office: 
The CPHA Office is responsible for the routine work, such as the exchange of human resources, the secretaries and external affairs. 

b. Financial Department:
The Financial Department takes the CPHA’s financial control, investment as well as request of the social audit as its duty. 

c. Trade Development Department: 
The main responsibility of the office is developing the relationship between the CPHA’s members, strengthening communication and cooperation with IPHA and its counterparties of other countries and regions, enhancing friendship and extending collaboration and advancing influence of Chinese ports in the world. 

d. Technology and Service Department:
The Technical Department is in charge of offering professional qualifications training programs and drawing up the sectoral standards entrusted by the Ministry of Communications. Those professional training programs have resultantly contributed to improvement of management and construction of port business, and particularly to such newly developed business as container handling. 

e. Port Research Department:
The Department adopts collecting information from port industry at home and abroad, constructing and maintaining the CPHA’s website as well as offering the consultation related the issues that the ports faced as its lifeblood. On September 1, the website of the CPHA in English due to open, from then on, innovative and effective information is available to our members and other industry related ports as well. The “ Shanghai China Ports & Harbors Press” is undergoing smoothly under its supervising and inspection. 

f. Port Research Center:
The Port Research Center undertakes each research work which issued by the CPHA, and responsibly continues to further the related- research topic proposed by the society and the harbor enterprises. The center also establishes the port information database; sets a trend to enter a new stage of the all-round development of the Port; researches the key and hot topics of the port at home and abroad to periodically and non-periodically propose the valuable analysis of the port industry and the related-port enterprises. 

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