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Corporate Profile 

Hebei Port Group Co.,Ltd.(Hebei Port Group for short), a comprehensive enterprise group which is exclusively state-owned, mainly engages in port construction and development, the state-owned asset operation and management, investment and financing.

Hebei Port Group has a total asset of RMB 57 billion and more than 17,000 employees. With 42 companies either exclusively or partly invested, it engages in various fields such as port operation, port logistics, port machinery manufacturing, port construction, port service, port real estate, capital operation and resource exploitation. In 2014, total throughput of the Group reached 382 million tons. It is now the world’s largest independent port operator for dry bulk cargo.

Development Course 

Qinhuangdao Port Group Co., Ltd. is the predecessor of Hebei Port Group Co., Ltd. It was originated from Qinhuangdao Office of Kaiping Mining Administration, a self-run port which was founded in 1898 after an imperial assent by Emperor Guangxu of Qing Dynasty. After the establishment of the People’s Republic of China, the company was transformed into Qinhuangdao Port Authority and was listed as a large state-owned enterprise under the central Government’s control in 1999. In 2002, its control right was transferred to Hebei Provincial Government and its name was changed into Qinhuangdao Port Group Co., Ltd. In 2009, Hebei Port Group was officially established.

Business Sector

  1.Port Operation

Port operation is the largest business of Hebei Port Group. The Group now owns 64 berths (2 in test run) with an annual designed throughput capacity of 309.5 million tons. Total number of the berths will be over 150 as part of its long term plan. The terminal facilities, mainly distributed in Qinhuangdao Port, Caofeidian Port and Port of Huanghua, are managed by Qinhuangdao Port Co., Ltd., which is controlled by Hebei Port Group.

Qinhuangdao Port is a comprehensive international trade port mainly engaged in energy resource transportation. It is divided into the east district and the west district. Able to handle all kinds of cargoes, it is the world’s largest independent port operator for coal and major dry bulk cargo. With 50 berths in total (including 2 in trial operation), Qinhuangdao Port is able to berth ships within a tonnage of 150,000. Its total annual designed throughput capacity is 226 million tons, among which, coal accounts for 194.55 million tons, bulk cargo 14.8 million tons, petroleum products 17 million tons and containers 750,000 TEU.

Equipped with modernized ore and coal berths, Caofeidian Port is an important ore transit port in China. It is now growing into a new pass for transporting coal from north China to south China under the national plan. And thanks to the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei integration plan, it is designed as Beijing’s access to sea. The Group constructs and operates six modern ore berths in Caofeidian, which can accommodate ships within a tonnage of 250,000, with annual designed throughput capacity of 65.5 million tons. Five completed coal berths of Caofeidian Coal Terminal Phase II project  can accommodate ships within a tonnage from 50,000 to 100,000, with their annual designed throughput capacity of 50 million tons. The Group also participated in the construction of Caofeidian Coal Terminal Phase I project, including five completed coal berths, with annual designed throughput capacity of 50 million tons.

Port of Huanghua, as the most convenient and cost efficient access to sea in central and south Hebei Province, is able to handle bulk cargo, containers and ore. Huanghua Port Phase I project, including four break-bulk berths and four multipurpose berths, with annual designed throughput capacity of 18 million tons. Two of the multipurpose berths have already opened container lines, with annual designed throughput capacity of 900,000 TEU. The port also has two 200,000-tonnage ore berths, with annual designed throughput capacity of 30 million tons.

2.  Port Logistics

Port logistics industry, on a higher growth rate comparing to other sectors, is now gaining momentum. The Group now provides highly efficient rail-sea intermodal transportation solutions, relying on the three ports in Qinhuangdao, Tangshan and Cangzhou and the dry port in Handan. It also provides modern logistics services such as warehousing, processing, delivery, trading, agency, financing and information services, etc. In 2014, the Group’s revenue generated by port logistics sector reached RMB 6.2 billion, accounting for 43% of its total revenue.

3.   Real Estate Development

The Group’s real estate is under new arrangement. The Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., exclusively invested by Hebei Port Group, mainly engages in land development, development and sales of houses, meeting and exhibition services, etc. The company is now pushing forward the construction programs of office buildings in Port of Huanghua and the real-estate projects in the Caofeidian industrial park of Tangshan. 、

4.  Investment & Finance

The Group’s finance sector is emerging. Linked by capital and business contacts, the Group is cooperating with professional financing institutions and parties related with its logistics chain. The investment in areas such as cargo and shipping agency, storage, processing, railway, hotel and finance contributes a lot to the Group’s profits. In 2014, investment income generated from finance sector reached RMB 640 million, hitting a record high.

5. Comprehensive Services

The Group is upgrading its comprehensive services at fast speed. It provides professional services such as port construction, ocean engineering, port machinery manufacturing, equipment operating, logistical support, hotel, etc. 

Corporate Culture

Inheriting Qinhuangdao Port’s excellent corporate culture, Hebei Port Group has established new corporate culture system, including concept system, behavior system and visual identity system. The core concept of this new system lies in “loyalty and dedication”, which consists of the following four parts.

Corporate Vision:

Providing modern port logistics services

Building an ecological-friendly port

Corporate Spirit:

Be loyal, dedicated and united to build a first-class enterprise


Corporate Mission:

The perfection of morality, the expansion of the enterprise, benefiting the society and serving the nation are the missions of Hebei Port Group.

Corporate Values:

Striving to benefit the country, the enterprise and its employees

Future Prospects

Adhering to scientific development, the Group is orienting towards internationalized development. Thanks to Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei development plan and Hebei Province’s scientific and green development plan, the Group is accelerating the construction of its logistic network under the guidance of “port-based development, inter-regional operation, diversified openness, transformation and upgrading”. With the three ports in Qinhuangdao, Tangshan and Cangzhou as the carrier, logistic parks as the nodes and distributing passageways as the links, the network smooths the Group’s way to become an excellent port operator, resource developer, capital operator and logistic service provider. The Group is endeavoring to ensure the security of our State’s energy transportation, to boost the economy in Northeast, North and Northwest China and to build a well-off, prosperous and green Hebei Province.

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