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Port of Dalian 2016/1/5 18:55:32

Being the gateway of Northeast Asian Economic Region towards the Pacific Ocean and the outside world, Dalian Port is in the key position of the Northeast Asia International Shipping Center. Dalian Port is free of silt and ice.

Dalian Port started operation in 1899, followed by the construction of Dalian City. The prosperity of Dalian City has closely connected with the booming of Dalian Port.

Granting from the continuous contribution of the generations of employees, Dalian Port has achieved glorious historical accomplishment. Today, Dalian Port is among the top 10 ports around the world profited from her huge cargo throughout annually.

Dalian Port operates more than 100 berths currently, and 70 of them have an anchor capacity of over 10,000 tons. Dalian Port also possesses several world-leading terminals. Dalian port can accommodate vessels of any size no matter how big they are.  

Dalian Port is operating more than 100 container shipping lines connecting every region of the world, and has constructed a dozen of inland dry ports in her hinterland of Northeast China.

An efficient cargo transportation network has been established in Dalian Port composed by the public feeder system of Bohai-Rim, the container regular train system and the specialized trains for bulk grain and iron ore.

The Dalian Port Financial Co. Ltd. is the first local financial management company of Liaoning Province approved by China Banking Regulatory Commission. This company can provide reliable financial services for all clients.

In Dayao Bay Bonded Port Area, Dalian Port and her clients can enjoy favorable policies on taxes and foreign currency administration.

Dalian Port has established and maintained strategic alliances with many famous companies, COSCO, China Shipping, Petro-China, COFCO, SINOGRAIN, PSA, Maersk and NYK, etc.

Dalian Port has determined the principal development strategy of “One Core with Two Wings” and “One Island with Two Bays”.

 “One core” refers to central transportation service areas in the North Bank of Dayao Bay and Old Harbor, which is composed of the headquarter economic zone, the international trade zone , and the logistics and trading zone, etc.

 “Two Wings” refer to the economic zones of Changxing Island and Taiping Bay along the Bohai Sea, as well the economic and tourism zones along the Huanghai Sea.

 “One Island” refers to Changxing Island, which focuses on businesses of petro chemistry and ship building.

 “Two Bays” refer Taiping Bay and Dayao Bay. Taiping Bay covers an area of 344 square kilometers, and will be constructed to be a modern green port city with intellectualized and innovative functions through integrated market operations of port and city under the domination of local government.

Dayao Bay will be developed to be an intellectualized ecological green hub port and the center of transshipment, distribution and procurement.

In the future, Dalian Port will be on the fast track of intelligent development, strongly supported by the newly emerging business and government policies.

Dalian Port is constructing an integrated ecological financial service platform for port and shipping lines by accelerating her expansion in high-level modern service businesses. 

Developing digital shipping center will facilitate Dalian Port to promote her integrated information service platform, and will pave the road for the construction of “fifth generation modern port”.

Dalian Port will carry out the development of 10 trading centers for various bulk cargo species in her core port. The increasing of trade volume will bring abundant cash flow and potential cargo sources.

Both the provincial and municipal governments attach great importance to the construction of Northeast Asia International Shipping Center.

With the mission of “Prospering the City by Port and Contributing the Country by Industry” in mind, we are engaging in developing Dalian Port to be a strong multi-functional, comprehensive and modernized seaport in the world.

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