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Port of Nanjing 2016/1/5 18:57:13

Nanjing Port, one of 25 main coastal hub ports in China and a port for opening up to the outside world, is located at the junction of T economic development strategy zones in the Yangtze River and eastern coastal China, with a location advantage in connecting east and west, south and north. Five modes of transportation are available here, domestically connecting the Yangtze River basin and more than 10 provinces or cities in Central Plains, Eastern China, Southern China and Northern China, and internationally connecting nearly 200 ports in more than 80 foreign countries and regions.

Nanjing Port (Group) Co., Ltd. is the largest public pier operating enterprise on the truck line of the Yangtze River. By adhering the corporate spirit of “excellence in the Yangtze River, win-win in the sea” and centering on the objectives of building a modern first-rate strong port in the Yangtze River, the company energetically develops main port operations related to containers, bulk and general cargo, motor roll-in-roll-off shipment, oil and liquid chemicals, expands such operations to shipping logistics, manufacturing of port machinery, engineering construction and other associated business, and aggressively builds “three hubs, one platform” (main hub for river-sea transshipment, regional central hub for containers, nod hub for integrated transportation system, and urban ports integrated development platform). It also undertakes the mission and responsibility as a leading force for the construction of Nanjing shipping logistics center along the Yangtze River, and strives to be a main hub port for international, multi-functional and integrated river-sea transshipment, as the ways to make significant contributions to regional local economics and economics of the Yangtze River region.

Nanjing Port (Group) Co., Ltd. website: http://www.njp.com.cn

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