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Port of Lianyungang 2016/1/5 19:01:43
Opened in 1933, Lianyungang Port was born along with the effort to find the most convenient marine outfall for Lianyungang-Lanzhou railway construction in the central and western parts of China and prospers with economic development in areas along the Land Bridge. As one of the 25 major ports and 12 main regional hub ports in China and one of the major ports in the Yangtze port cluster, Lianyungang Port remains the major marine port and cross-border transportation passage in the areas along Lianyungang-Lanzhou railway and Lanzhou-Xinjiang railway and the central Asian countries at large, the core lying in Jiangsu marine port cluster, an important northern components of Shanghai international shipping center and an important hub in China’s comprehensive transportation system.

The layout of “One port with four areas” of Lianyun port area, Xuwei port area, Ganyu port area and Guanhe port area is gradually formed in Lianyungang Port. It boasts a main channel of 250,000 tons and 60 productive marine port berths represented by mineral docks of 300,000 tons and sixth-generation container docks with comprehensive passage capacity of 140 million tons. 3 cross-border passages to Alataw Pass, Horgos and Alma-Ata are developed on the land, over 10 container domestic lines and 2 international container lines to Alma-Ata and Moscow are launched with support of 9 inland logistics yards. Port and regional custom clearance is expanded to 15 provinces and regions along the Land Bridge; over 40 container routes, 13 break-bulk liner routes and 2 China-Korea passenger and cargo liner routes are launched at sea. In 2014, it completed cargo handling capacity of 210 million tons, of which, foreign trade handling capacity was 110.462 million tons, which makes Lianyungang Port one of the demonstrative ports of railway-water combined transport, low-carbon pilot ports of China and China’s demonstrative ports of science and technology.  

In the future, by giving full play to the regional advantages as the intersection of “One Belt and One Road” and the eastern terminal of new Eurasian Land Bridge, Lianyungang Port will continuously perfect the land-ocean combined transport conditions, proactively build itself into Sino-Kazakhstan (Lianyungang Port) logistics base and SCO marine base, devote itself to providing convenient, efficient logistics and warehousing service for the countries and regions alongside the railway and promoting construction of great international logistics passage of new Eurasian Land Bridge.

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