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evelopment History

As a main coastal hub port under national key development, Rizhao Port was constructed in 1982 and put into operation in 1986. At 20th anniversary in 2006, the throughput of Rizhao Port broke through 100 million tons, making Rizhao Port the youngest 100-million-ton harbor in China. Only after four years from that time, Rizhao Port became a 200-million-ton harbor in 2010. With the throughput of 335 million tons in 2013, Rizhao Port ranked the 8th among China’s coastal ports and 11th in the world. At present, Rizhao Port has Shijiu Port and Lanshan Port two port areas with 53 productive berths, and the annual approved handling capacity is 170 million tons.

Rizhao Port Group Co., Ltd. was established in May 2003. Currently, there are over 8,800 regular employees. The Group has 47 branches and subsidiaries. With the total asset of RMB 46 billions, the business scope of Rizhao Port covers four major business segments of “port operation, logistics & trade, construction & manufacture and integrated financial service”. Rizhao Port was listed on Shanghai Stock Exchange in October 2006, making Rizhao Port the first port company to be listed in Shandong Province. Eight financing operations was completed in nine consecutively years. Totally 8.58 billion Yuan fund was raised and the “Two Wheel Drive” of production and capital operation for the port development was achieved. Adhering to the idea of “Cooperation coheres the power, join hands creates value”, Rizhao Port cooperated with more than 70 enterprises at home and abroad, such as Sinopec, Petro China, China Communications Construction, JURONG PORT PTE LTD of Singapore, Asia Symbol, Shandong Iron & Steel Group etc.  

Ever since its opening, Rizhao Port has been awarded many honorary titles, such as Nation Civilized Unit, China Quality Award, Shandong Governor Quality Award, National Advanced Unit of Energy Conservation, National Advanced Unit for Corporate Culture Building, China Top 500 of Service Industry, Top 100 Enterprises of Shandong Province, Advanced Enterprise of Ratepaying in Shandong Province. It is awarded the title of provincial Civilized Unit for over 20 consecutive years and is among the first batch of AAA credibility enterprises in Shandong Province. The CPC Party Committee of the Group Company is named by the Central and Provincial Party Committee as "National Advanced Community-level Party Organization" and "Advanced Community-level Party Organization of Shandong Province" respectively. 

Port Feature

Marked Geographical Advantages for Port Construction

Rizhao Port is located in the middle part of China’s coastline and the southern tip of Shandong Peninsula. It lies in the joining part of the Circular-Pacific Economic Rim, the Yellow Sea (Bohai) Economic Rim and the Economic Belt along the New Eurasian Continental Bridge. Rizhao Port is also the intersection of the Silk Road Economic Belt and 21 Century Marine Silk Road. Facing Korea and Japan in the east across the Yellow Sea, the Port occupies a significant strategic place in the national productivity layout and transportation pattern for energy and large bulk cargo. As the Oriental Bridgehead of the New Eurasian Continental Bridge, Rizhao Port is a major export port for South Shandong Economic Belt, the central and western regions of China and even the area of central Asia, Russia and Monglia.

Favorable Natural Conditions

Rizhao Port enjoys advantageous conditions for port construction featuring broad bay and deep water, vast land areas, mild climate and no ice or silt. As a rare natural deep-water port, it is suitable for building over 200 large deep-water berths including berths that can handle vessels of 200-400 thousand tons. The back-up land provides vast space for the development of port-related industries and modern logistics.

Convenient and Efficient Collection, Distribution and Transportation

There are two railways of WaRi railway and Riyanhexin railway of 300 million tons transportation capacity, two highways, 4 nation highways together with 3 pipelines of 76 million tons transportation capacity from Rizhao to Yizheng of Jiangsu Province, Dongming of Shandong Province and Luoyang of Henan Province connected with the port area directly. The convenient transportation network connects Rizhao Port with vast areas in the east, central and northwest of China and even the central and west Asian together. Connecting with major ports by sea, the Port now has navigation links with over 100 countries and regions around the world.

Business Scope

Port Business

Iron Ore Handling

Rizhao Port is the first-level port of national ore transportation system with two specialized ore berths of 200,000 tons and one of 300,000 tons respectively along with other 16 general berths for ore loading and unloading. With annual unloading capacity of over 100 million tons and high automatic system, Rizhao Port is one of the key ports with the biggest unloading capacity as well as berth capacity of ore transportation system in China and even in the World. The world record of 9,786 tons per hour for ore unloading was made in Rizhao Port. The imported volume of iron ore of Rizhao Port ranked the first among the ports in mainland China.

With the storage yard area of 1.9million square meters, storage capacity of over 20 million tons, the annual handling capacity for ore of Rizhao Port is over 100 million tons. With convenient and efficient distribution and transportation as well as automatic loading system, one train can be loaded per hour. The highest record of loading 3,160 compartments in 24 hours was made in Rizhao Port. Over 300,000 tons of cargos can be distributed by vehicle transportation everyday.

The advantages of ore handling will be consolidated after the 400,000-tons ore terminal which is the supporting facilitate of Rizhao Steel Quality Products Base put into operation. The annual unloading capacity of Rizhao Port will exceed 150 million tons then.

Oil Products & Liquid Chemicals Handling

Rizhao Port is the significant distributing base for crude oil and liquid chemicals in northern China. There are two crude oil wharfs of 300,000-ton and liquid chemical berths of 100,000-ton, 50,000-ton, 20,000-ton, 10,000-ton as well as 5,000-ton separately. With the supporting storage tank farm of 6 million cubic meters, the oil unloading capacity reaches 50 million tons.

After the 3 national strategic oil pipelines and another two crude oil terminals of 300,000-ton together with supporting facilities completed and put into operation, the annual handling capacity will exceeded 100 million tons then, making Rizhao Port becoming the biggest international crude oil distributing center in China. 

Containers Handling

Rizhao port is able to accommodate the most advanced container ship in the world owing to its 4 appropriate berths for containers with the waterfront draft of -17 meters. The area of containers yard is over 600,000 square meters with designed annual handling capacity of over 2.6 million TEUs. The most advanced information management system is applied here which realizes the computerized management of the whole transportation process and the real-time monitoring of the terminal. At present, Rizhao Port has over 30 container routes of various types.

With the comprehensive development of Shijiu Port area, the handling capacity of container in Rizhao Port will reach 10 million TEUs.

With the qualification of transit transport for railway international combined transport business, the cargoes transit from Rizhao Port could reach the countries of central Asia.

Coal Handling

Rizhao Port is an important export port for coal in China. It has one specialized berth of 50,000 tons and two of 150,000 tons for coal with the deepest draft and largest berth capacity in China. The annual throughput capacity exceeds 45 million tons. Be honored as “Rizhao Port Efficiency”, the national record of 9,486 tons per hour for coal loading was made here.

Making full use of general berths, Rizhao Port exerts great efforts in developing imported coal business. At present, the volume of imported coal ranks the first among the harbors in north China.

The heavy trains could go to the port area directly after the 17 berths which are the supporting facilities of central and southern Shanxi Railway and the railway construction in the port area completed. The coal through capacity of Rizhao Port will reach 100 million tons or more.

Bulk Grain Handling

The bulk grain wharf here is the largest one in China’s coastal areas. The 100,000-tons and 50,000-tons specialized berth for bulk grain in Shijiu Port area has an annual handling capacity of 8 million tons. World advanced unloading equipment for bulk grain is applied and automatic loading system for trains and trucks also applied in the handling operation.  Industrial robots automatically stacking system were first introduced to the ports in China. The advanced technology and system can cater for different transfer demands of the clients.

Nickel Ore Handling

Rizhao Port is the biggest unloading port for nickel ore. With the storing capacity of over 6 million tons, separating storage of nickel ore can be realized. The unloading efficiency is over 20,000 tons per day and the annual handing capacity is more than 15 million tons.

Wood Chips Handling

The specialized wharf for wood chips is the biggest one in China with two 70,000-ton and two 40,000-ton appropriate wood chips berths separately together with annual handling capacity of over 10 million tons. The automatic transport system for wood chips is directly connected with pulp processing enterprises. The fastest unloading speed of 817 tons per hour is approved as the new record of China’s transportation enterprises.

Timber Handling

Rizhao Port is the largest harbor for timber loading and unloading in the north of the Yangtze River. It is the largest imported, processing and logistics base for timber in China’s costal harbors. With the dedicated machinery of timber handling and transportation, the storage capacity of 900,000 cubic meters, the Port can provide the services of loading and unloading, transferring and picking to the clients. Rizhao Port is the main import channel of wood in southern Shandong Province, northern Jiangsu Province, Henan Province and Hebei Province etc. The industrial park like National Timber Trade Processing Demonstration Zone has been built around the port area, forming a perfect industrial chain of timber import, processing, storage, transportation and trading.

Steel Handling

Rizhao Port is China's major import and export transshipment port for iron and steel, and there are many large iron and steel enterprises surrounding the hinterland. With complete service and facilities, the port provides loading and unloading, storage and transportation service of various iron and steel materials such as steel billets, plank material, wire material, pipe material and pig iron.

Coke Handling

Rizhao Port is the most convenient export channel for coke transportation in central and west China. The storing capacity and unloading capacity of coke of Rizhao Port is one million tons and five million tons respectively. With perfect screening and loading process, the loading operation is standardized, specialized, efficient and high quality.

Cement Handling

Rizhao Port has the largest transfer wharf in China with two specialized berths of 50,000 tons for bulk cement. World-class automatic loading system for bulk cement is installed and connects directly with the cement plants in the rear area of the Port. The annual transit capacity is 10 million tons.

Tapioca Handling

The Port has a specialized wharf for unloading tapioca. The 40,000-ton tapioca berth is equipped with all-sealed tapioca ship unloader which is the most advanced in the world. The annual handling capacity is over 5 million tons and the quickest unloading speed is 704 tons per hour.

Passenger and Cargo Ferry Line Transportation

The cargo and passengers ferry line from Rizhao to Pyonyteak Korea named "Oriental Rizhao" has three shifts a week and one-way trip takes 20 hours. It is the most advanced ferry in the routes between China and South Korea. The ferry liner can hold 280 containers and 420 passengers. With first class facilities, convenient and fast customs clearance procedures, the Sino-Korea joint rail and water transportation could develops easily here. The ferry line is a golden passage for people and economic exchange between China and Korea.

Port Guarantee

Port production guarantee system such as ship tugging and barging, goods tally, railway transportation, fuel supply, communication and power could provides all round services for port operation. Equipments and facilities as well as the integrated service level all rank the top of the coastal ports in China.

There are over 130 kilometers railways with 15 sets of locomotives in the port area. The advanced railway dispatching comprehensive information management system adopted in production dispatching could meet the operational requirements of heavy haul train going into the port area.

The port has three information systems, named production management, internal management and control and logistics business. The industry leading information system of GPS Freight Traffic Management, Intelligent Weighing and Wireless Weighing also applied in the port operation. Part of the production operation and management system realized the link up with the port examine and check system.

Logistics & Trade

Rizhao Port has qualification for coal and ore operation, import and export agency, domestic and international shipping agency and freight forwarding, international container transportation, fuel oil imports and others. The trade volume reached about 12 billion Yuan each year. With 4 kinds of futures delivery warehouse of soybean, coke, coking coal and iron ore, both the cargo types and annual delivery volume rank the top of China’s coastal ports. The Logistics and trading platform of Lunan (Rizhao) Shipping & Trading Center, Rizhao Commodity Trading Center and Rizhao Port International Logistics Park made the modern port logistics service functions improved increasingly.

Rizhao Bonded Logistic Center (type B)

Rizhao Bonded Logistic Center (type B) which put into operation in December 2009 occupied an area of 1.5 square kilometers. It has the functions of international transfer, distribution, trade, procurement, bonded and export rebates. According to the plan, the Bonded Logistic Center and the port area will make a connection to realize integration of free trade zone and port and finally to build a comprehensive bonded zone in the future.   

Rizhao Port Internation Logistics Zone

With a planned area of 1.4 square kilometers, Rizhao Port International Logistics Zone was founded in June 2013. The zone is divided into 8 function area of comprehensive supporting services, highway logistics services, container logistics, railway operations, steel trade, bonded logistics, the whole closed type of commodity and truck service. The services of information exchange, e-commerce, multimodal transportation, logistic finance as well as bounded logistic could be developed here.

Central Asia (Rizhao) Port Logistics Park

Connecting with the New Eurasian Continental Bridge Economic Belt and China-Mongolia-Russia Economic Corridor to provide services for the customers of the countries of central Asia, Central Asia (Rizhao) Port Logistics Park is a Comprehensive international logistics park integrated the functions of information, trade, logistics and finance. It could carry out the services of bounded warehousing, international logistics and distribution, sea and railway transport and transit transport import and export trade, entrepot trade as well as logistics information processing to the customers of the countries of central Asia.

The planned area of Rizhao Port Bulk Commodity International Distributing Center is 3.6 square kilometers. With the facilities of yard for iron ore and coal as well as supporting railway and loading and unloading, it provides warehousing, distributing and other services for iron ore, coal and other bulk commodity.   

Rizhao Port Crude Oil & Liquid Chemical Products International Distributing Center

Rizhao Port Crude Oil & Liquid Chemical Products International Distributing Center has the tank farm of over 600 cubic meters and other supporting facilities for crude oil, product oil, methanol, liquefied gas and other chemical products. It also provides warehousing and distributing service for imported crude oil and liquid chemical products. 

Rizhao Port Cargo Collecting & Distributing Center

The planned Rizhao Port Cargo Collecting & Distributing Center covers an area of 0.6 square kilometers. The parking lot, gas station, service station, maintenance area and logistics processing area are planned here.  

Xinjiang Rizhao Port Logistics Park

Xinjiang Rizhao Port Logistics Park is the important industry project of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor and the pairing-assistance of Maigaiti county of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. It was founded in March 2013. Covering an area of 0.6 square kilometers, it has the functions of warehousing, international logistics distribution, distribution processing and international trade etc.

Construction & Manufacture

The construction and manufacturing companies subordinated to Rizhao Port Group has First Class Qualification of harbor & offshore engineering, architectural engineering, steel structure engineering, subgrade & foundation treatment, earth & rock engineering, general ship production and equipment maintenance. They also have A-Grade Qualification of supervision for Water transport and housing construction project, port engineering design and material testing. With the overseas project contracting and operating qualifications, the business scope of these companies covers port & coast engineering, channel dredging, housing construction, engineering project supervision, real estate development, chips building and repairing, steel structure construction, design consulting, commercial concrete business, municipal engineering,  subgrade and foundation treatment, inspection, surveying and mapping  and highway subgrade engineering. The company has built the project of Rizhao Port, Zhangzhou port 400,000-ton oil terminal, the Ⅳ phase of Weihai port, wood chip wharf engineering and breakwater engineering of Rizhao Port, Rizhao City Center Business District, theⅠphase of Hyundai WIA Engine, the marine equipment of the 59-meter offshore service vessels for Singapore, 4100-ton product oil tanker, 500-ton spilled oil recovery ship and 1000-6800 HP tugs. The annual output value is more than 3 billion Yuan. The port has created many famous brands, such as Shandong Harbor, Rizhao Port Real Estate, Rizhao Port Supervision, GangDa Heavy Industry and Rizhao Port Machinery etc.

Financial Service

Basing on its own advantages, Rizhao Port Group vigorously develops the financial business. It has equity participation of setting up Bank of Rizhao. It also formed credit guarantee company, finance leasing company, launched the establishment of Rizhao Bulk Commodity Trading Center. The group is also preparing for the establishment of financial companies and small loan companies.  

The service of Rizhao Port covers medical treatment, tourism and catering, personnel training, financial service, property management, farming and cultivating, as well as safety and security. Many famous service brands and products such as “Travelling in the world, Dreaming back to Bibo Hotel”, “Bibo Green Tea” and “Sunshine Guarantee” has been created.

Rizhao Bulk Commodity Trading Center

The business scope of Rizhao Bulk Commodity Trading Center covers bulk commodity trade, supply chain finance, warehousing and logistics, guarantee, quality inspection, information, consulting, advertising, conferences and exhibitions etc. With the registered capital of RMB 100 million yuan, it is a bulk commodity trading platform which integrates the e-commerce, modern logistics and the supply chain finance.  

Bank of Rizhao

With a registered capital of RMB 2498 million Yuan, Bank of Rizhao is the top 1000 of the banks in the world.

Rizhao Credit Guarantee Co., Ltd.

The registered capital of Rizhao Credit Guarantee Co., Ltd. is 1000 million yuan. The guarantee amount of single business can reach 100 million Yuan.

Hualu International Financial Lease Co., Ltd.

The registered capital of the first phase of the company is 30 million US dollar, and the business involves financial leasing, business leasing, investment and asset management, etc..   

Bibo Hotel------ Four star foreign-related tourism hotel

Rizhao Port Hospital-------Upper second-class public general hospital

Shandong Rizhao Bibo Tea Trade Co., -----------------Ltd.Leading backbone enterprises of scientific cultivation, processing and sales for green tea as well as the dissemination of tea culture in Northern China

 The multi-functional modern property company integrates the property management, catering and accommodation, breeding and processing, landscaping, printing service together.

Corporate Culture

In the period from the very beginning of port construction in 1982 to port management system reform in 2003, the port were built and developed from a single coal exportation port to a comprehensive port. This is the first stage of enterprise development for Rizhao Port. The Port made a leaping development in the second stage of enterprise development from the foundation of Rizhao Port Group Co., Ltd in 2003 to the time of throughput broke through 300 million tons in 2013. Rizhao Port ranks the 8th in the costal port of China and 11th of the world. The Port created the Sunshine Enterprise Culture System in the course of development. The enterprise culture embodies the high growing culture and development connotation of “sincere & harmony, vitality & wisdom, Passion & insistence, Open & innovation”.   

Future Vision

According to the planning, Rizhao Port will build a total of 274 berths with an overall capacity of over 750 million tons. The Port will focus on the transportation of large bulk cargo such as coal, ore, oil products and containers and build Rizhao Port into a modern, multi-functional and comprehensive port featuring advanced facilities, complete function, efficient management, marked benefit and environmental friendliness. In the near future, Rizhao Port will actively seize the important historical opportunity of the construction of Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21 Century Maritime Silk Road as well as the implementation of Shandong Peninsula Blue Economic Zone and the Port-related Industry District in Southern Shandong Province to full open the new journey of the third phase development. The port will expand the port scale, enhance the port function, make close linkage and optimize the organization to realize the large scale and specialization of production, the integration and standardization of port function, the networking and substantiation of the connection of the port with the hinterland, and the refinement and modernization of port management. Speeding up the transformation and upgrading, building the port from the comprehensive port to the international world famous port.

Standing on a new staring point, Rizhao Port will continue to work hand in hand with you with sincere character, more passion and higher spirit. Let’s create new miracles and achieve new progress together in the future!

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