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China Ports & Harbors

1. About the Magazine of "China Ports & Harbors"
     The magazine of "China Ports & Harbors" began its publication in 1986. The Ministry of Communications is charging of the magazine with the sponsor of the China Ports & Harbors Association and authorized by the Press and Publication Administration, PRC. The Ministry of Communications has approved the magazine as a main publish which releases the port professional specialized publication to the port enterprises at home and abroad with the help from the council of more than 60 ports industry units. Up to now, “China Ports & Harbors” has the collection of specialization, instruction, authority outstanding professional publication, which is gaining increasing attention in people’s daily life. 

     It takes “Complete, Credible, Abundant and Copious” as its principle with the objective of “Footing port, widening coverage, market-orienting and approaching world”. It is a platform for port industry to exchange views and do some research on the basis of the port management, The CPHA’s activities, enterprise manage, advanced technology, industry construction, investment development and so on. At the same time, it highlights the achievement of the China ports taking the reform and opening policy. The magazine attaches priority to the integration between theory and practice, pioneering pursuance for modernization of ports in China, and access to world. 

Administration: The Ministry of Transportation, PRC.
Sponsor: China Ports & Harbors Association
Director: ZHU Jianhai
Editor-in-chief: TONG Jie
Advertise Manager: PEI Gang
Executive Deputy Editor-in-chief: RUI Xue
Address: Room522B, 110HuangPu Road, Shanghai, PRC
Zip Code: 200080
Editor Office: 021-63641497   021-33011304
Advertising Office: 021-63640366
Fax: 021-63077441

2. Advertising Opportunities
     "China Ports & Harbors" is the official journal of the China Ports & Harbors (CPHA), since its inception in 1986; the journal has been serving not only the CPHA members but also the other maritime units. “China Ports & Harbors”, a key medium for exchange of views and information on various issues faced by the world port industry, is now published twelve times a year. 

     "China Ports & Harbors" is offering you a unique and effective advertising opportunity to promote your port, your services, you products, whatever related to ports, among virtually everyone in the port industry of China. Reflecting the journal’s nature as a non-commercial publication, the advertising rates are set at minimum levels.
For Media Information 2007, please CLICK HERE. 

(后接广告总监邮箱 )
For full detail, please contact Mr. PEI Gang, Advertising Manager.
Tel: 63640366
Fax: 63067106
Bank Name: Bank of Shanghai, Shanggong Branch
Account Number: 31604900067194148
Account Company: “China Ports and Harbours”Magazine Office, Shanghai. 

3. How to order CPHA publications?
     All orders must be accompanied by a remittance. You may choose to pay by way of credit card, bank transfer or check. Shipment is made immediately upon our receipt of the appreciate remittance from you. For credit card payment, it is after clearance to be obtained from the credit card company involved. 

     To order, you are kindly requested to complete and return the order form from clicking HERE! (后接杂志定阅价目表) 

Should you require any further information or assistance, please write to us at:
Address: Room522B, 110HuangPu Road, Shanghai, PRC
Zip Code: 200080
Editor Office: 021-63641497   021-33011304
Advertising Department: 021-63640366
Fax: 021-63077441

4. Price List
1) China Ports & Harbors
China150 RMB\Year
Overseas Customers US120.00 $\year
(including postage,12 issues a year )
Account Number: 316049-00067194148

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