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About us

China Ports & Harbors Association was founded with the approval of Civil Affairs of the People Republic of China and was established under the direction of the Ministry of Communications. It is the only national social of China's ports. Composing of enterprises and institutes from ports as well as port-related sectors voluntarily, CPHA is a legal and non-profit organization, trans-regionally and trans-sectoraly. In 1981, China Ports & Harbors Association was founded in Shanghai , PRC. We owe a debt of gratitude to the founding fathers of CPHA for their farsighted recognition of the need for ports in China to be united. Since its inception, CPHA has served the China 's ports and developed a national alliance of ports and harbors over the decades. Being the China's ports association, CPHA comprises now some 400 Regular Members and other 1300 Individual RemembersCleading ports in China and economies, who are public port authorities, private port operators and government agencies at coastal areas, Yangtze River Valley, Pear River Valley, Beijing-Hangzhou Great Canal and Helongjiang Waterway Area in mainland of China.

Key objectives of the Association are: Implementing guidelines, policies and regulations formulated by the relevant department under the government; taking port service, trade representative, trade coordination and strengthening self- discipline as basic functions ; participating in either industrial management of decision-making for industrial development that are either authorized by competent department of the government, or trusted by members ; giving priorities to serving members, maintaining rights and interest of the port industries and members, and interfacing government and enterprises in order to propel the port industry development more sustainable and healthy.

The Association is Shanghai based. China Ports & Harbors Association is an Associate Member of International Association of Ports & Harbors.

Address: 110 HuangPu Road, Shanghai , P.R.C.
Tel.: 8621-63641494
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