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Guangzhou Port Group

Approved by Guangzhou Municipal People's Government, Guangzhou Port Group Co., Ltd. is established on Feb.26, 2004 as a wholly state-owned company according to relative laws on modern enterprise mechanism in China.

The business of Guangzhou Port Group Co., Ltd. Includes the following aspects: handling, lightering and storing cargoes such as oil, coal, grain, chemical fertilizer, steel, ore, containers, automobiles and etc.; bonded warehousing; agents for cargoes and ships from home and abroad; agents for transshipment and passenger transportation; pilotage for both domestic and foreign ships; transportation of waterway cargoes and passengers; logistics services; other port related business and ect..

Port of Guangzhou is the largest comprehensive hub port in South China. With the impetus from the fast growing economy in its hinterlands, Port of Guangzhou keeps a sustainable increase in cargo volume. In 1999, the whole Port achieved an annual throughput of more than 100 million tons of cargoes, becoming the second port in China attaining such a record. Afterwards, the port is making great strides year by year. In 2005, the whole Guangzhou Port handled 250 million tons of cargoes (ranking the third in domestic coastal ports and among the top ten ports over the world) and 4.68 million TEUs, among which Guangzhou Port Group alone completed 159 million tons of cargoes and 3.16 million TEUs.

There are 39 berths, 13 buoys and 23 anchorages, each with handling capacity of more than 10,000 tons. The largest capacity of the anchorage is 300,000 tons.

Guangzhou Port Group is committed to wholeheartedly serve the social community with the vision of safety, quality, efficiency and convenience. We look forward to cooperating with partners of various circles from home and abroad, for mutual benefits and developments.


Address: Gangqian Road 531, Huanpu District, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China.

P.C.: 510700

Tel: 020-82152111

Fax: 020-82279563

(November 16,2010)

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