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WuHu Port, situated at the joint location of the east developed coastland and the west inland of China, is the largest transfer port of Yangtze River coal energy source, and the main pivot port of AnHui Province foreign trade and container, National Port Class I, and the annual throughput volume is nearly 50,000,000 T.At present, there exist total property RMB 7.5 hundreds million,55 wharfs, more than 600,000㎡ warehousing area, and 115 sets(suites) various kinds of handing equipments. Wuhu Port has established operation relations with dozens of countries and regions in the world, It mainly operates cargo handing, warehousing, transfer services, multimode transport, container handing transport, logistics distribution, electronic business affairs, industry investment, etc.
During recent years, Wuhu Port, which always obey advanced corporate cultures as guide, carry forward “Two Surpasses”(Advanced Concept, Transnormal Work),persist on confluence of “Three Spirits”(Operation Level Forms Entrepreneur Spirit, Management Level Forms Aspirant Spirit, Staff Level Forms Responsibility spirit),formed spannew operational conceptions, patterns management, value orientation and particular corporation culture, WuHu Port production operation have been increasing with continuous and steady way, and making profits for continuous ten years. WuHu Port abtained quiet great development on various businesses, and was greatly promoted on the corporate image and the quality of employees.
On March, 28,2003,WuHu Port became listed corporation successfully. According to the conception of “be favorable to serve the society, be favorable for the interests of the investors, be favorable for the overall progress of the enterprise”, Wuhu Port, which will provide the widest, the best faith and the finest services to our customers and friends at domestic and abroad. WuHu Port will gain common win on mutual interests with customers, gain common win on competition and cooperation with traders, gain common win on the harmony with the society, is bucking for further development to realize the common wishful scenes.
WuHu Port target and wishful scenes of “11th Five-Year Plan” development strategy: WuHu Port will grab the opportunity of building Yangtze Golden Waterway jointly by nation, set up a modern port with transcendental operation conception, leading corporate spirit, brilliant corporate values and  cultural management, and establish a modern logistics enterprise based on commerce, information, logistics “Three Platform”, emphasized on Zhujiaqiao Logistics Base, Yuxikou Logistics Base, Digang Logistics Base, Xijiang Logistics Base, comprehensive Logistics Base “Five Bases” and realizing great group pattern. During the current 11th Five-Year Plan, WuHu Port will reconstruct second “Yuxikou coal port”, reconstruct second “WuHu Port”!           

Add :  Gangyi Road,Wuhu City,Anhui Province,China
P.C.:  241001
Tel :  86-553-5840501
Fax :  86-553-5840510
E-mail: whps@whpstc.com


(November 16,2010)

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