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The Second Session of the 7th CPHA’s Members’ Conference in Nanjing

The Second Session of the CPHA’s(China Ports and Harbours Association)Members’ Conference on April 9, 2012 in Nanjing. Some vice presidents and regular members more than 150 participanted the comference, which moderated by Mr. Chen Yingming, Executive Vice President of the CPHA, and released opening ceremory by Mr. Wang Changbao, Deputy Director-General of Jiangsu Transportation Administration. Some officers from Waterborne Bureau of Ministry of Transportation gave some excellent remarks.

First of all, Mr Chen Xuyuan, President of the CPHA has gave a report on “Aiming to Service Members, Enterprises and Port Industry to Promote Port’s Developing Healthy, Stable and Sustainable”. He reviewed some achievement reached in 2011, and lined some expections in 2012.

The conference made “The Finicial Information of 2011” known to members, and also passed “The Finacial Budges in 2012”, which is put farwarded by Mr. Zhu Jianhai, Secretary General of the CPHA.

In the conference, Mr. Zhu also introduced the CPHA briefly, such as appointing position of Deputy Secretary –General, departments struction, branches and staff arrangement.

The participants agreed that 2012 is an important year for China port development. We should take furter efforts to face some charllenges we met. The CPHA should take more responsibility on port development under the guiding of the Ministry of Transportation, seize opportunity of China ecomonic development to shift develop model of China port. Therefore, the CPHA and her members works together to improve port service level and international competitive power,make China port stronger.

Last and most important of the conference that it isn’t held sucussefully without the kindly support  from Port of Nanjing. Cordial thanks from the CPHA.

(April 18,2012)

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